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Welcome to Island Clock & Watch Repair, a disabled veteran owned and operated business.  A little bit about my history, I have always loved old clocks and watches, especially old military ships clocks and military watches.  It was this passion that started me collecting old WWII Chelsea and Seth Thomas ships clocks.  I retired in 2011 from the United States Navy after serving over 22 years.  During my 22 years, I served on many US Navy Ships that had the ships clocks still installed and used onboard.   My passion for these clocks became a hobby for repairing them.  As the hobby grew, so did the diversity of clocks and watches that I learned to repair.  I attended the clock repair, basic watch repair, and intermediate watch repair classes at Norwest School of Horology.  I plan to attend as many classes as I can to further expand my knowledge and capabilities in the field of Horology and clock/watch repair.  I believe you can never know enough about something, especially if it is something you enjoy doing and are passionate about.  The hobby eventually evolved into this business.  I operate out of a dedicated repair shop on my property and as the business grows, I hope to one day open my own storefront shop.  In the fall of 2015 I will be one of two instructors teaching the clock repair class at Norwest School of Horology.

I repair most timepieces and am only limited by the parts availability if required.  If I cant find the part or make it, I will do what I can to help the customer make the best decision with the options given at that time.  I treat every timepiece I repair like it was my very own so you can be sure it is well taken care of while it is in my possession.  I would one day like to get into timepiece restoration, for those of you out there who want that antique timepiece to look like it did the day it was made, but currently am not at that experience level yet and I will not offer a service to a customer unless I am absolutely sure that I can provide them with exactly what they desire to exceed their expectations.

I also have expanded to making local house calls for mechanical clocks and grandfather clocks, but this service is not free.  See the repairs page for information and pricing or you can call, email, or use the contact page to ask me any questions you may have.

Island Clock & Watch Repair...commitment to quality, service, and satisfaction.

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